strangely enough.

everybody is writing their end-of-the-year and end-of-the-decade thoughts down. some are eloquent, some are heavy handed (i'm looking at you, james cameron). some are honest and some are embellished. the 2000s were a big decade for some of us. i, for example, graduated from both high school and university. it is now, still in the 2000s that i begin planning for the next stage of my life: south korea with a lady i love.

but what nobody seems to want to write about is the loss. everybody i know has lost someone recently: my own grandmothers passed early in the decade. friend's family members have passed and, most recently, a man who was very important to how i am today.

i strongly believe that, no matter how indignant of a student you are, at some point during middle and high school an influencing factor directed you towards who you are today. i was lucky enough to have two such teachers. two weeks ago, my friends and i who were lucky enough to share our extremely formative years with a genuinely funny guy, lost Jeff Agar. without him i would not share the sense of humour i have with others. and though music is something i mostly appreciate rather than participate in anymore, he kept me involved long enough to experience san francisco, victoria, and numerous competitions.

the 2000s have been topsy-turvy. i'm very proud to have grown up during them.

one year ago today:
aarhus, denmark

cheers to the 00s and in with the 10s.

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one year ago, today, christmas eve


ice skating with angela at canary wharf

happy new year!

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we were just talking about you...


-e pics n' things!


how angela and i spent our 2 year anniversary

with spencer in ballard!

with each other!

at the pacific northwest ballet's Nutcracker!

<3 the holidays.

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movies of 2009

a partial list of things seen within the last calendar year, in no particular order. asterisks indicate favourites.

district 9*
coco before chanel
g.i. joe: rise of cobra
the collective: seasons*
terminator: salvation
inglourious basterds*
gran torino
star trek
away we go*
x-men origins: wolverine
confessions of a shopaholic
the day the earth stood still
the wrestler*
frozen river
the spirit
public enemies
punisher: war zone
the international
rachel getting married*
monsters vs. aliens
revolution road
seven pounds*
observe & report
max payne
synecdoche, york
quantum of solace
where the wild things are*
transporter III
this is england*
year one
yes man
sunshine clearning
indiana jones & the crystal skull
what just happened
harry potter VI
the hangover

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where the day takes you

from here...


to here...


...and back again.


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winter inventory


orage air project shell pants
holden hokkaido jacket
686 fleece
OR cold weather puffy
iTouch (brief list of aktion musics to follow)
black diamond polartec liners
dakine rover gloves
smartwool above-the-boot thermals
smartwool crewneck longsleeve
nikepro base longsleeve base layer
smartwool pHD ski socks (2)
dakine heli pro pack
smith variant brim helmet
smith fuze goggles
line prophet 90s (180)
lange fluid FR boots
scott poles
pb&j (not pictured)

skis. boots. poles.

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one year ago today.

it has been a very long time since posting. as a result my brain deems it necessary to just think about where i was a year ago today.

dan and jimmy, 3 euro red wine in a park, montmartre, paris.

view to the south from the eiffel tower.

a shine on the cobbled streets near the seine after a dounpour.

metropol hotel
metropol hotel in "beautiful" calais. staying the night, waiting for the first ferry to dover in the morning.

happy travels.

new in life:
- exactly one month from today i will graduate from college.
- angela and i have begun the application process for teaching english in south korea!
- my intramural soccer club, Sherburne United F.C., has made it to the playoffs.

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thanks to katy m. this is such a fantasic idea i won't even bother to shorten the url.

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as promised a few days back, here are a few cool vehicles i have spotted lately...

Subaru Sambar Dias II 4WD
no need to adjust your monitor settings, the subaru sambar dias II "super charger" is that small. and 4WD! that's a drift machine, there.

toyota land cruiser
something i've always wanted myself, a 60 series toyota land cruiser. not specifically unique but always perfect.

jag e-type v12
you can't get any classier than a pearl white 1972 jaguar e-type series III.

cls 550
possibly the world's sexiest saloon car. mercedes-benz's CLS 550. four seats and nearly 400 horsepower in a rolled sheet metal frock. this isn't even the mentalist AMG version my roommate in england had but still just as pretty.

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angela and i just returned to bellingham after a three day vacation to the oregon coast. the nature of our trip was two fold: 1) it was angela's birthday on the 17th and 2) it's a yearly thing, our coastal haunt. we camped for two nights and traveled a total of just over 1000 miles. on our journey we discussed teaching in korea, the nature of a car's exhaust pipe and its relation to human anatomy, met up with jill for dutch tacos and decided that it would be best to own a small bookstore. here are a few photos from our lovely roadtrip...

angela being radiant at nehalem bay beach

rockaway beach

le chateau du dignity at nehalem bay state park


incidentally, i saw a number of special vehicles that i will post en homage to man on the move.

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night shift

other than the sounders and their rubbish gameplay of late, good things have been happening in my world.

i'm the newest employee at bellingham's coolest video store, film is truth!

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here are some of my favourite sightings of late...

maserati granturismo2
maserati granturismo - one of the most beautiful cars i've ever seen in person.

lancia 2000
lancia 2000β - not terribly glamorous but rare enough to find with all exterior trim in tact.

66 alfa spyder
alfa spider - classic, full stop. especially when in this good of condition.

jag xkr drophead
jag xkr - along with astons these are some of my favourite pieces of automotive architecture. lovely, even in drophead form.

sticking with the automotive theme, the perseid meteor shower is passing by our humble little planet. the perseids come from the Pleiades, aka Seven Sisters. the japanese call this cluster Subaru and today we can see it represented on the automotive company's badge. welcome back perseids! hope you get a chance to find somewhere dark to watch the showers.

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rediscovering the magic of things before my time

recently i decided that all the skinny jeans in my wardrobe might perhaps be lowering my sperm count. functionally this is something i take no particular issue - i'm not terribly keen on pregnancies and those closest to me know this very, very well (i'm looking at you, koala). as a condition, however, it is something totally different and it has caused me to reevaluate my wardrobe and my daily wearings. along with rediscovering my active-lifestyle roots and this, admittedly, thinly veiled previous excuse, i have found myself in a bit of a fashion/lifestyle paradox.

i should stop here and add a But. a healthy, well-rounded, enthusiastic But.

But, despite using the word paradox, i am completely happy. at one point i would have considered myself a hipster. at one point i would have considered myself a mindless outdoor enthusiast. neither fit and i have been rediscovering the magic of things before my time. (and now, since the title has appeared in the body, just like a novel, this entry should end - but it won't. sorry.)

henley t-shirts. herringbone trousers. birkenstock london clogs. a 1966 alfa romeo spyder. a 1973 lancia 2000 coupe. sure, in their times most of these things were complete rubbish. the cars couldn't have had more character but they also would have been hard pressed to be of poorer quality. most henleys and herringbone trousers are poorly cut and do less to make a gentleman look good than a broken bottle scar on the face from a bar fight.

and that phrase "in their times..." brings me to my point. i have found that it is possible to make a pair of birkenstock clogs look good in the 21st century. unlike my trusty old taupe suede arizonas, a sandal as exciting as a poorly stacked pile of rocks, these new londons of mine are rather special looking with decent trousers cleanly draping over the top. and, as far as comfort is concerned, they thrash my roughed up brown brogues seven ways to sunday.

i purchased my only henley t-shirt last year because angela told me she really liked them. never had i considered even trying one on before hearing this - they're too frumpy and plebeian, something a haggard old rancher would wear until the day he shot himself because of a freak early frost that ruined his crops for that last time. they're rarely flattering...until you find the right one. paired with nice trousers and those birks i was on about one ends up with a rather nice little sunday afternoon outfit. it's nothing i would consider taking out to dinner but then neither would i take that alfa on a cross-country trip without a support vehicle and a credit card with no limit.

but then that's not what we're talking about. we're not talking about driving across the states and we're certainly not talking about heading out to a ruth's chris. we're talking about being comfortable, confident and, most of all, very, very entertained. to bring a little smile into your life doesn't mean labeling yourself a hipster or outdoor junkie - it means discovering the magic of things in your time and sometimes that means leaving your time.

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new movies

in the last week angela and i have seen two movies, each the polar opposite of the other.

first came...
away we go
rarely has an on-screen couple seemed more true to me. maya was lovely and it was nice to see john turn in a performance other than his beloved jim of Office fame. alexi murdoch produced a fabulous score, both cuddly and straining.

...and last night...
what a difference this viewing experience was. basically the Sam Rockwell Show, Moon was at once claustrophobic and agoraphobic. kevin spacey, as gerty the suspicious shipboard computer, provides nearly the only comedic relief in an otherwise tense and quiet exploration of metaself. mindfuck. solid and spooky original tracks from clint mansell, same composer of solid and spooky original tracks for The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream and π.

i recommend both.

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wedding nite

angela and i went to amy mcmahon's wedding tonight at the edgewater hotel in seattle. overall a very nice evening. lovely reception including open bar, steak dinner, old money and very poorly cut suits. beautiful bride and a touching speech from the groom's youngest brother.


bride & groom

pics n' things!


STP 2009

ang and i made it through the seattle to portland ride. all 206.? miles.

angela and chris.

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when did YOU start smiling for pictures?

me: did most people in the 50s look that stern?
all the boys look like they're about to grease your ass
Tim: here's my question: at what point did people start smiling for portraits? I mean, in the history of photography?
what prompted people to start smiling?
look at a portrait from early 20th century... no smiling there...
me: i'd say when pictures like this started getting developed...http://bikehugger.com/images/blog/sv_victorian2.jpg
Tim: wow
say is that a belgian gazelle?
the bike, i mean
me: HAR!
Tim is typing… pics n' things!


i'm going to be changing my posting style in the coming days/weeks. there should be equal parts outdoor interests (cycling, soccer, skiing, etc) and fashion/guys' style. i'm not particularly sure where this will lead but it's an interesting direction.

not much new for a week or so with the STP coming up this weekend.

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turning down whistler trips kills me...

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MLS 2011

Originally uploaded by oregonianphoto
2011 will be a difficult year. in 2012 the mayan calendar expires and, theoretically, so does the world. if you're the sort that invests any more than a passing thought in this notion, 2011 could perhaps be rather nerve wracking. you could spend the year taking adventures you never had the chance to. you could spend the year looting. you could spend the year learning a skill. you could spend the year a nervous wreck, locked inside your room with only a full bedpan as company.

or you could spend the year following the cutthroat new MLS rivalry here in Cascadia. in 2011 both vancouver and portland get their football clubs and join seattle's sounders in major league play. with major teams stretching from british columbia to southern california, the west coast will be brimming with talent and passionate competition.

this is my biggest problem with 2011. because i'm not invested in the apocalypse of 2012 i am burdened with having to support the sounders fc while the portland timbers, essentially my home team, go MLS. first and foremost i am a sounders fan but i am also very attached to portland. the most difficult part of this situation, however, is that only now am i picking sides in a rivalry that extends back to the mid-1970s when NASL was the only semi-major league in the US. the timbers and sounders have been swinging at one another for years and now it is all coming to a head.

however i watched the sounders go major, bought a scarf and will never look back. season tickets next summer.

pics n' things!



it seems that a city is only a City® when it has a fully functioning below-surface transportation system. london has the tube. paris and tokyo have their metros. new york has the subway. there are few exceptions that immediately spring to mind save the L in chicago and perhaps the rickshaw/pedicab system in shanghai. here are massive urban centres that function as cultural, political and societal hubs of their surrounding regions. they are the largest metropolitan areas that embody all of the traits of their country or state and they represent this polity to the outside world - these are the figurehead cities, the shining examples of an area.

some of my favourite cities want to be Cities® but don't know how to be. portland has been battling Light Rail implementation for as long as i can remember. the MAX is available downtown and, to some extent, in some major attractions outside of the city centre. seattle will never get a monorail capable of anything practical because, apparently, everybody there has seen that episode of the simpsons. the latter city, however, does have a leg up on the former.

of the two major metropolitan centres of the northwest, seattle appears to be pursuing Cityship® with the growing usage of a widely unknown tube system. the system is not terribly expansive. yet. it is not terribly easy to use. yet. it is not terribly easy to find. yet. however the tracks are growing and the buses that use the tunnels travel at reliable intervals. i am reading an article in the Seattle Times, "A light-rail wonder", and it shows new tracks being laid as another passenger platform for a stop in Beacon Hill is completed.

seattle, with its so-far-successful incarnation of "the world's game" via the Sounders FC, wishes to become a City®. they are getting closer with the installation of a reliable, practical, culturally, politically, and socially friendly transportation network. the seattle underground is a secret weapon. my own experience with it is limited but it was the tool that enabled me to get from north seattle, near fremont, to the airport in just less than 30 minutes (with a change, btw) with a ski bag. there will undoubtedly be teething problems but, i guarantee you they won't be as severe as Springfield's monorail.

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finals week, round 1, &c.

today: physics final & darwin final paper.

physics went well enough. we were given two hours to complete the final but i had the 35 multiple choice exam finished in under 20 minutes. it's always nervewracking to be the first done. am i missing something? did i not get a page? am i just an idiot? but even after checking the five pages of answers all seemed in its place. talked to the professor on my way out and she guaranteed me an A if i didn't massively blow the final.

darwin was another matter. the final paper has been giving me troubles for the last two weeks. motivation has been rare and not even knowing that this is my last full course in my major seemed to provide the impetus needed for a real burst of divine inspiration. my thesis was muddled and the conclusion weak. the paper's organization was implicit, not explicit. i think this is due to the professor swearing off writing like a sociologist (i'm going to tell what i'm going to tell you, tell it to you and then tell you what i just told you - it's boring). i was more engaged in the writing language but i got lost in the structure. even working alongside my outline proved confusing because the words never exactly matched up. hoping for a B.

excited about fall quarter next year, though. after england credits have been counted i'll have 59 total credits, with 60 needed to complete my major. in the fall i will be taking a two credit directed independent study with a great WWII professor i've had in the past. he told me to pick out "five or six books, the subjects of which are my prerogative." my readings are focused around the sabotage, resistance efforts, conspiracies and spy cock-ups of WWII. shane gave me a book two summers ago, operation jedburgh, and this inspired the subversive topic for my course of study.

communications final tomorrow at 6pm. good thing i haven't studied at all for that. philosophy final wednesday at 10.30.

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hull city fc

it has been a long, hard season for the tigers. the premiership rarely grants any favours but, in the end, their fate rested on the relegation of newcastle. every hull city fan looks forward to one more year in the top flight for a 105 year old football club.

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pop quiz

your death race car of choice.


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good luck on 23


things will get difficult.


i am anxious.

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there have been 22 before today

on a yearly basis i am nagged by the thought of growing older in a time that is not kind to geriatrics. it comes around once a year in the springtime and with each consecutive day of celebration i am concerned less than the previous year's. though my care about birthdays decreases at a geometrical rate my aging increases at an arithmetical rate: logic follows that, by my 30th birthday, i'll wish i were dead and by my 40th i'll wrap myself in wet blankets in a room that i haven't left for three years.

though this trend is not necessarily reversible there are preventative measures one can take to quell the headache caused by the blunt force trauma caused by birthday wishes from people whom you speak to once or twice a year (one of those times being on your birthday when they wish you happy birthday). by the time i am writing this i have heard "happy birthday" from just about everyone i would expect/want to hear it from.

[unfinished] pics n' things!


gourmet my ass

it is my belief that those who claim there are such things as gourmet hamburgers and hot dogs are the same people that should be made aware of recent advances in the fields of mental health. in my researches one of the more understated gourmet dogs is served up by the GHC in London. good dogs, sure, but their mantra states: "We've taken the humble hotdog and reinvented it." why?

we may label extravagant and overpriced items of cow and pig as gourmet but it is up to the true purist of summer grilling to maintain the blue collar status of these foods. most gourmet burgers and hot dogs are garnished with enough sides and toppings that the real joy of the hand held meal is lost: the meat. want a good brat? don't smother it in almond paste, sprigs of romaine, peanut oil and salmon chutney. poke some holes in a fresh link from a vendor like hempler's or otto's. put the link in a pan of boiling beer and give it a few minutes. the beer shouldn't be too powerful - when you're dealing with this type of flavouring you will quickly lose the lovely individual spiciness of the meat if boiling in a really strong IPA or Porter (though a simpler pale ale from a brewer like full sail should be just fine>. instead stick with the classics like pabst or rainier. this will also carry the "everyman's" aspect throughout the entire cooking process - a simple meal requires a simple drink. but beware beers like budweiser or coors unless you enjoy eating what will end up tasting like scrapings from the underside of a wheelie bin lid from behind tesco's. once the link has had time to soak up the beer, toss it on the grill for marks or fry it in the pan after straining the beer out.

or, and in my opinion this is reaching, you can put together what i ate myself not twenty minutes ago. get a healthy red onion, cut width wise around the onion's latitude and create quarters out of the resulting onion rings. begin to fry those in a small amount of oil (the onion will create most of its own cooking oils as it sautees). wait for the onion to brown but make sure the centers of the larger slices are still a bit crunchy. next toss your link of choice in, the simpler the better - a spiced link such as a chorizo or a louisiana hot will work nicely for our purposes. let this cook on low heat for a while and in the meantime prepare your buns: pull them out from the fridge and put them on your plate. once the links are finished cooking let them sit in the onions and, while the pan is still hot, pour a bit of worcestershire sauce over the mix. finally, and this is really what makes this a little different, put a bit of chevre on the buns. a good chevre will go miles with just a few crumbly bits but beware the bad stuff. as a good former roommate told me, good chevre is irreplaceable as a meat accompaniment but bad chevre will taste something like turpentine. there are a lot of varieties out there but for this type of application i tend to go with a basil & oil flavoured cheese. put the links in the buns, garnish with those lovely sauteed onions, eat until you feel like bursting and remember that never do you need to pay $8 for a gourmet link. this is the essence of hot dogs and grilling - these simple recipes that will liven up an already respectably simple food. it's like giving a Lamborghini ray guns: it doesn't need them to go faster but it sure might make the experience more enjoyable.

enjoy the nice weather.

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i have been wandering around the outer limits of bellingham's downtown area. out into fairhaven and the sehome haggen, through campus and back to my apartment.

all i can think is god, i wish i were in london right now.

thanks to all of you that made this evening a lovely one!

-e pics n' things!


check it out.

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i know i've shunned the stuff.

no matter how much i consume, i love you. i'll bring you your pillows, no matter how late. pics n' things!


bad paintings of obama


follow the picture. refresh as many times as you care to giggle.

thx tim.

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saw m. ward tonight at the showbox in seattle. joel, ashley, ted and angela were present and, along with the sigur ros show in london, has become the best live performance i've seen.

returned to the parking garage to find my car's rear left window smashed in. the dash compartment's contents were all over the place and glass covered the rear bench ashley and joel were to be sitting on. inventory missing: ipod touch and samsung cellmaphone. police didn't show after an hour-plus. we left and stopped just north at the lynnwood station where we were told to get plastic bags and duct tape from wal-mart because that was "all they could do for us at that time".

at least we weren't shot.

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inspiration, university, skis

it requires a great deal of inspiration to continue through a prolonged 5th year of undergraduate studies. by this time in your college career you have either completely blown past the required 180 credits to graduate or you have swapped majors seven or eight times. the people in the registrar's office eventually tire of your questions and accusations and the career counseling center begins offering career counseling to their employees who have seen you countless times.

tired in big sky

one spends most of their 5th year in college swearing and drinking, two habits that have formed with vicious efficiency over the past four years. papers and studies get lost under dinner plates and friends and onlookers eventually begin to wonder why their friend (who is still in school) hangs out at the library: they never talk about schoolwork. they never talk about class. are they just creeping on the freshers? no, they are not. they are still in school, suffering through and hoping that this quarter or the next will be their last. either this or that the world will come to some fiery end.

box spring sans mattress
spencer, crashed on his bespoke mattress system in byron's shed

inspiration alone can combat swearing and drinking for so long. eventually the white blood cells of everyday life breakdown and the virus begins to take over. once this process has begun it is nearly impossible to reverse. antibacterials such as nights out at the bar don't work anymore. this is, after all, a virus that we're talking about. a virus that has sat dormant and patient for the past four years is never keen on being dispatched by trifling distractions. you become lazy, angry with school and academia. work slows. there may even come a point where you don't care if all there is to sleep on is a box spring cot sans mattress so long as you're afforded peace and quiet.

line prophet 90
line prophet 90s

ah, but there is hope. don't you remember how good it felt to go purge the system? to bootpack for 20 minutes up a run where you're rewarded with maybe four or five sweet turns? remember how good deep snow feels under the p-tex?

catalogue pose
bootpacking up bone crusher

yeah, yeah you do. school? no problem, all i need to do is make sure that my credits from study abroad come through and i'm all set. work? that's alright, at least i have a job that pays for my active habits. drinking? if it's an occasion but otherwise i just can't be bothered. sleeping? it is rather necessary but there's nothing wrong with early mornings.

ben, spencer & tall beers
ben & spencer at the lodge

aye, so cheers! gather your mates. work hard. burn yourself out. see if you can make the last tram of the day. try that steep line. get haggard and bask in the lactic acid buildup and remember what it feels like to crash and come out on the other side unscathed and giggling. this is the antiviral. this is the purge. this is the proverbial leech for letting the bad blood.

anybody heading to mt. baker on sunday?

-e pics n' things!


big sky, (un)employment and cupcakes

tomorrow night i'll head down to seattle. spencer and i will fill ourselves and souls with dank sushi and warm sake before catching a noon flight on the 19th to big sky, montana. here we will meet up with estranged professional long-distance best friend ben. good enough to let us crowd the floor of his apartment, byron will supply the means for not sleeping in the snow. five days. skis, friends, snow. i really need to get my planks waxed, though, as it has been at least two years.

angela and i are kicking around the idea of a move to seattle/portland/hood river. i'm comforted because even if things go completely pear shaped we will still manage to stay in the pacific northwest, not far from the I-5 and I-84 corridors. it remains worrying, however. these are some sort of scary times but it certainly helps to have somebody to go through them with. everyday i think about how glad i am to be home: despite the current climate i have somebody to get through them with. there have been some pretty startling work-related developments over the past five days and ang and i just spent a weekend back home in (surprisingly) snowy trout lake discussing how to handle it all.

the only solution we were able to reasonably conclude on was "meet up with jill and her friend molly for cupcakes at cupcake jones in portland". here are two pictures of the cutest solution in the world:

cupcake, out of control

molly, jill, ang and cupcakes of varying species

the sun was even out! evidenced by my shadow:


-e pics n' things!


home (usa)

i have been back in bellingham for three days now. my room is starting to take shape and the apartment is lovely. joel, i must say, has done a fabulous job with the little place. we have a great view of south bellingham and the bay. the weather has been classic pacific northwest with rain and clouds today. i can hear the train down by the bay that is so familiar to town.

it is difficult to construct a summary of my experiences in england so i should probably not even attempt to. rather i can just say that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, i learned more there than i have in the last four years here. a little laundry list:
-i learned what type of people i want to surround myself with
-i learned that you can communicate with people and not speak the same language
-i learned the card game trumps
-i learned that the bigger the dinners the better
-i learned that staying up until 5am every night weeks before departing severely reduces jet lag
-i learned the underground to the best of my abilities
-i learned how to cope with travel hiccups, both small and large.

major discoveries:
-i discovered that truly amazing hospitality comes not with money but hugs and family
-i discovered i could live in london
-i discovered who i truly love (and i would not have been able to had i not gone)
-i discovered that nothing is permanent (doubly true with the unfortunate news regarding siggy)

it has stopped raining outside. the clouds are starting to burn off, i think.

lovely mrs. banerjee

la familia


[edit] for those of you overseas here are some fotos of my new room:

pics n' things!