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i have been back in bellingham for three days now. my room is starting to take shape and the apartment is lovely. joel, i must say, has done a fabulous job with the little place. we have a great view of south bellingham and the bay. the weather has been classic pacific northwest with rain and clouds today. i can hear the train down by the bay that is so familiar to town.

it is difficult to construct a summary of my experiences in england so i should probably not even attempt to. rather i can just say that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, i learned more there than i have in the last four years here. a little laundry list:
-i learned what type of people i want to surround myself with
-i learned that you can communicate with people and not speak the same language
-i learned the card game trumps
-i learned that the bigger the dinners the better
-i learned that staying up until 5am every night weeks before departing severely reduces jet lag
-i learned the underground to the best of my abilities
-i learned how to cope with travel hiccups, both small and large.

major discoveries:
-i discovered that truly amazing hospitality comes not with money but hugs and family
-i discovered i could live in london
-i discovered who i truly love (and i would not have been able to had i not gone)
-i discovered that nothing is permanent (doubly true with the unfortunate news regarding siggy)

it has stopped raining outside. the clouds are starting to burn off, i think.

lovely mrs. banerjee

la familia


[edit] for those of you overseas here are some fotos of my new room:


low.mid.high said...

You realize that this is the second bedroom you have occupied whose doors are glass... What is it with bellingham and glass bedroom doors, especially in a multi-room apt. That seems insane to me..

erriott said...

at least these ones are frosted. we had to supply our own curtains at the windsor.

jimmy jimmy said...

that's one of the best bellingham homes i've seen. well done, mr. man. give the new world my best.

as for me, i'll be pouring two glasses of rosé this evening. *wink*

erriott said...

touche*, jimmy.

*that's a french word, you know?