hull v. millwall

four months later and ten days before coming home i finally went to my first proper english football match. i have to say it's everything i thought it would be, replete with riotous fans. here are some fotos of the hull city v. millwall match. it was hosted here in hull at the KC stadium.

you'll have to forgive the brevity & low-fi quality of the video. i took it on a bad camera without trying to look like a foreigner. they say that american football matches are loud, notably denver's mile high coliseum. the KC stadium only seats 20,000 (as opposed to larger clubs like manchester united's old trafford with 80,000+ capacity) but i guarantee it gets louder than any football stadium in the US.

the pitch. hull city are in orange & black and millwall wears blue. it was the tigers vs. the lions, respectively.

home stands.

away stands. click on the photo and go to my flickr to see a larger version of this: the millwall fans are plagued by riots and post-match fights (instigated by them). four mounted police arrived after half-time and a line of police had to create a buffer between millwall and hull city fans.

the gang.

hull city won the match 2-0, giving millwall and their shit supporters a decent thrashing. the millwall fans are, if you're familiar with american football, similar to the fans of the oakland raiders. they're not so much there to enjoy a nice saturday match as start fights with the other team's fans. their motto is something like "if you can't beat 'em, kill 'em in the parking lot." they were allowed to leave the stadium after hull city fans left and under police escort to a private parking lot where they boarded coaches. pretty funny stuff.



sprout said...

i'm glad you got to go, hope you had fun!

sprout said...

where did you find your camera btw?

erriott said...

on the shelf it usually lives. a glove was covering it. i'm an idiot.

low.mid.high said...

oh my god, that is the coolist team motto ever!

Tewkesbury Lion MFC said...

Reference to your visit to Hull v Millwall, you are a complete half wit plank.

Our correct motto is "We fear no foe, where ere we go" it is the likes of you printing complete b/s that leads us to treat your type with complete contemp.
As for calling our fans shit, pay us a visit at the Den and the only shit will be in your underpants.
Two of your former nation team plaers have played for Millwall both were good servants to the club and liked by fans Bruce Murray and Kasey Keller, currently we have a young defender Zak Whitbread who is also an American, I think that qualifies us having more links to your country than a toilet of a city like Hull.
Maybe next time engage your brain before you speak, even if it may be very small and underdeveloped, remember if we find you here we can pick up your comments anywhere, we are out there so be careful, maybe the respect people pay us is earned.