underworld 3

the third installment of everybody's favourite vampire saga, underworld, is due to hit the states on january 23rd. all the folks that pitched in and made the first two so entertaining are coming together again for the prequel to the heavenly selene years. len wiseman, bill nighy, michael sheen and...not kate beckinsale.

what a damned shame that is. selene's non-involvement with this chapter is, chronologically speaking, correct as viktor has not yet adopted her as his daughter after killing her family. the only footage with beckensale's character will be bookend clips from the original underworld. a prequel. i can't imagine this franchise taking a more disappointing turn. too bad nighy signed on again because i have a hard time thinking that this isn't the end for the careers of all involved.

oh well, i'll see it anyways. for a laugh.

i just applied for a job at film is truth, too.



sprout said...

yay! i'm glad you did. did you apply for both positions?

speaking of underworld, we talked about that in my class too and i'm sure he will probably make us go see it for an assignment.

erriott said...

not both, the other one was too not-so-interesting. if i'm going to be working at a video store i want to just be renting vids. also i didn't feel that comfortable with the position & my experience.

if he "makes" you i'll keep you from falling asleep in the theatre.

sprout said...

too bad that job wasn't offered somewhere else because i really wanted to do it. oh well. i'd rather spend time with you!

ugh, i hate the theater with all my heart.