hull city fc

it has been a long, hard season for the tigers. the premiership rarely grants any favours but, in the end, their fate rested on the relegation of newcastle. every hull city fan looks forward to one more year in the top flight for a 105 year old football club.

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pop quiz

your death race car of choice.


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good luck on 23


things will get difficult.


i am anxious.

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there have been 22 before today

on a yearly basis i am nagged by the thought of growing older in a time that is not kind to geriatrics. it comes around once a year in the springtime and with each consecutive day of celebration i am concerned less than the previous year's. though my care about birthdays decreases at a geometrical rate my aging increases at an arithmetical rate: logic follows that, by my 30th birthday, i'll wish i were dead and by my 40th i'll wrap myself in wet blankets in a room that i haven't left for three years.

though this trend is not necessarily reversible there are preventative measures one can take to quell the headache caused by the blunt force trauma caused by birthday wishes from people whom you speak to once or twice a year (one of those times being on your birthday when they wish you happy birthday). by the time i am writing this i have heard "happy birthday" from just about everyone i would expect/want to hear it from.

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