strangely enough.

everybody is writing their end-of-the-year and end-of-the-decade thoughts down. some are eloquent, some are heavy handed (i'm looking at you, james cameron). some are honest and some are embellished. the 2000s were a big decade for some of us. i, for example, graduated from both high school and university. it is now, still in the 2000s that i begin planning for the next stage of my life: south korea with a lady i love.

but what nobody seems to want to write about is the loss. everybody i know has lost someone recently: my own grandmothers passed early in the decade. friend's family members have passed and, most recently, a man who was very important to how i am today.

i strongly believe that, no matter how indignant of a student you are, at some point during middle and high school an influencing factor directed you towards who you are today. i was lucky enough to have two such teachers. two weeks ago, my friends and i who were lucky enough to share our extremely formative years with a genuinely funny guy, lost Jeff Agar. without him i would not share the sense of humour i have with others. and though music is something i mostly appreciate rather than participate in anymore, he kept me involved long enough to experience san francisco, victoria, and numerous competitions.

the 2000s have been topsy-turvy. i'm very proud to have grown up during them.

one year ago today:
aarhus, denmark

cheers to the 00s and in with the 10s.

-e pics n' things!


one year ago, today, christmas eve


ice skating with angela at canary wharf

happy new year!

-e pics n' things!


we were just talking about you...


-e pics n' things!


how angela and i spent our 2 year anniversary

with spencer in ballard!

with each other!

at the pacific northwest ballet's Nutcracker!

<3 the holidays.

-e pics n' things!


movies of 2009

a partial list of things seen within the last calendar year, in no particular order. asterisks indicate favourites.

district 9*
coco before chanel
g.i. joe: rise of cobra
the collective: seasons*
terminator: salvation
inglourious basterds*
gran torino
star trek
away we go*
x-men origins: wolverine
confessions of a shopaholic
the day the earth stood still
the wrestler*
frozen river
the spirit
public enemies
punisher: war zone
the international
rachel getting married*
monsters vs. aliens
revolution road
seven pounds*
observe & report
max payne
synecdoche, york
quantum of solace
where the wild things are*
transporter III
this is england*
year one
yes man
sunshine clearning
indiana jones & the crystal skull
what just happened
harry potter VI
the hangover

-e pics n' things!

where the day takes you

from here...


to here...


...and back again.


-e pics n' things!


winter inventory


orage air project shell pants
holden hokkaido jacket
686 fleece
OR cold weather puffy
iTouch (brief list of aktion musics to follow)
black diamond polartec liners
dakine rover gloves
smartwool above-the-boot thermals
smartwool crewneck longsleeve
nikepro base longsleeve base layer
smartwool pHD ski socks (2)
dakine heli pro pack
smith variant brim helmet
smith fuze goggles
line prophet 90s (180)
lange fluid FR boots
scott poles
pb&j (not pictured)

skis. boots. poles.

-e pics n' things!