as promised a few days back, here are a few cool vehicles i have spotted lately...

Subaru Sambar Dias II 4WD
no need to adjust your monitor settings, the subaru sambar dias II "super charger" is that small. and 4WD! that's a drift machine, there.

toyota land cruiser
something i've always wanted myself, a 60 series toyota land cruiser. not specifically unique but always perfect.

jag e-type v12
you can't get any classier than a pearl white 1972 jaguar e-type series III.

cls 550
possibly the world's sexiest saloon car. mercedes-benz's CLS 550. four seats and nearly 400 horsepower in a rolled sheet metal frock. this isn't even the mentalist AMG version my roommate in england had but still just as pretty.

-e pics n' things!



angela and i just returned to bellingham after a three day vacation to the oregon coast. the nature of our trip was two fold: 1) it was angela's birthday on the 17th and 2) it's a yearly thing, our coastal haunt. we camped for two nights and traveled a total of just over 1000 miles. on our journey we discussed teaching in korea, the nature of a car's exhaust pipe and its relation to human anatomy, met up with jill for dutch tacos and decided that it would be best to own a small bookstore. here are a few photos from our lovely roadtrip...

angela being radiant at nehalem bay beach

rockaway beach

le chateau du dignity at nehalem bay state park


incidentally, i saw a number of special vehicles that i will post en homage to man on the move.

-e pics n' things!


night shift

other than the sounders and their rubbish gameplay of late, good things have been happening in my world.

i'm the newest employee at bellingham's coolest video store, film is truth!

-e pics n' things!



here are some of my favourite sightings of late...

maserati granturismo2
maserati granturismo - one of the most beautiful cars i've ever seen in person.

lancia 2000
lancia 2000β - not terribly glamorous but rare enough to find with all exterior trim in tact.

66 alfa spyder
alfa spider - classic, full stop. especially when in this good of condition.

jag xkr drophead
jag xkr - along with astons these are some of my favourite pieces of automotive architecture. lovely, even in drophead form.

sticking with the automotive theme, the perseid meteor shower is passing by our humble little planet. the perseids come from the Pleiades, aka Seven Sisters. the japanese call this cluster Subaru and today we can see it represented on the automotive company's badge. welcome back perseids! hope you get a chance to find somewhere dark to watch the showers.

-e pics n' things!


rediscovering the magic of things before my time

recently i decided that all the skinny jeans in my wardrobe might perhaps be lowering my sperm count. functionally this is something i take no particular issue - i'm not terribly keen on pregnancies and those closest to me know this very, very well (i'm looking at you, koala). as a condition, however, it is something totally different and it has caused me to reevaluate my wardrobe and my daily wearings. along with rediscovering my active-lifestyle roots and this, admittedly, thinly veiled previous excuse, i have found myself in a bit of a fashion/lifestyle paradox.

i should stop here and add a But. a healthy, well-rounded, enthusiastic But.

But, despite using the word paradox, i am completely happy. at one point i would have considered myself a hipster. at one point i would have considered myself a mindless outdoor enthusiast. neither fit and i have been rediscovering the magic of things before my time. (and now, since the title has appeared in the body, just like a novel, this entry should end - but it won't. sorry.)

henley t-shirts. herringbone trousers. birkenstock london clogs. a 1966 alfa romeo spyder. a 1973 lancia 2000 coupe. sure, in their times most of these things were complete rubbish. the cars couldn't have had more character but they also would have been hard pressed to be of poorer quality. most henleys and herringbone trousers are poorly cut and do less to make a gentleman look good than a broken bottle scar on the face from a bar fight.

and that phrase "in their times..." brings me to my point. i have found that it is possible to make a pair of birkenstock clogs look good in the 21st century. unlike my trusty old taupe suede arizonas, a sandal as exciting as a poorly stacked pile of rocks, these new londons of mine are rather special looking with decent trousers cleanly draping over the top. and, as far as comfort is concerned, they thrash my roughed up brown brogues seven ways to sunday.

i purchased my only henley t-shirt last year because angela told me she really liked them. never had i considered even trying one on before hearing this - they're too frumpy and plebeian, something a haggard old rancher would wear until the day he shot himself because of a freak early frost that ruined his crops for that last time. they're rarely flattering...until you find the right one. paired with nice trousers and those birks i was on about one ends up with a rather nice little sunday afternoon outfit. it's nothing i would consider taking out to dinner but then neither would i take that alfa on a cross-country trip without a support vehicle and a credit card with no limit.

but then that's not what we're talking about. we're not talking about driving across the states and we're certainly not talking about heading out to a ruth's chris. we're talking about being comfortable, confident and, most of all, very, very entertained. to bring a little smile into your life doesn't mean labeling yourself a hipster or outdoor junkie - it means discovering the magic of things in your time and sometimes that means leaving your time.

-e pics n' things!