here are some of my favourite sightings of late...

maserati granturismo2
maserati granturismo - one of the most beautiful cars i've ever seen in person.

lancia 2000
lancia 2000β - not terribly glamorous but rare enough to find with all exterior trim in tact.

66 alfa spyder
alfa spider - classic, full stop. especially when in this good of condition.

jag xkr drophead
jag xkr - along with astons these are some of my favourite pieces of automotive architecture. lovely, even in drophead form.

sticking with the automotive theme, the perseid meteor shower is passing by our humble little planet. the perseids come from the Pleiades, aka Seven Sisters. the japanese call this cluster Subaru and today we can see it represented on the automotive company's badge. welcome back perseids! hope you get a chance to find somewhere dark to watch the showers.


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