angela and i just returned to bellingham after a three day vacation to the oregon coast. the nature of our trip was two fold: 1) it was angela's birthday on the 17th and 2) it's a yearly thing, our coastal haunt. we camped for two nights and traveled a total of just over 1000 miles. on our journey we discussed teaching in korea, the nature of a car's exhaust pipe and its relation to human anatomy, met up with jill for dutch tacos and decided that it would be best to own a small bookstore. here are a few photos from our lovely roadtrip...

angela being radiant at nehalem bay beach

rockaway beach

le chateau du dignity at nehalem bay state park


incidentally, i saw a number of special vehicles that i will post en homage to man on the move.



Jill said...

it was great to see you 2 yesterday! you even inspired me to take my own little jaunt to the coast tomorrow!

ashley said...

lovely pictures. joel and i are going to rockaway beach on tuesday!