new movies

in the last week angela and i have seen two movies, each the polar opposite of the other.

first came...
away we go
rarely has an on-screen couple seemed more true to me. maya was lovely and it was nice to see john turn in a performance other than his beloved jim of Office fame. alexi murdoch produced a fabulous score, both cuddly and straining.

...and last night...
what a difference this viewing experience was. basically the Sam Rockwell Show, Moon was at once claustrophobic and agoraphobic. kevin spacey, as gerty the suspicious shipboard computer, provides nearly the only comedic relief in an otherwise tense and quiet exploration of metaself. mindfuck. solid and spooky original tracks from clint mansell, same composer of solid and spooky original tracks for The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream and π.

i recommend both.

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wedding nite

angela and i went to amy mcmahon's wedding tonight at the edgewater hotel in seattle. overall a very nice evening. lovely reception including open bar, steak dinner, old money and very poorly cut suits. beautiful bride and a touching speech from the groom's youngest brother.


bride & groom

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STP 2009

ang and i made it through the seattle to portland ride. all 206.? miles.

angela and chris.

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when did YOU start smiling for pictures?

me: did most people in the 50s look that stern?
all the boys look like they're about to grease your ass
Tim: here's my question: at what point did people start smiling for portraits? I mean, in the history of photography?
what prompted people to start smiling?
look at a portrait from early 20th century... no smiling there...
me: i'd say when pictures like this started getting developed...http://bikehugger.com/images/blog/sv_victorian2.jpg
Tim: wow
say is that a belgian gazelle?
the bike, i mean
me: HAR!
Tim is typing… pics n' things!


i'm going to be changing my posting style in the coming days/weeks. there should be equal parts outdoor interests (cycling, soccer, skiing, etc) and fashion/guys' style. i'm not particularly sure where this will lead but it's an interesting direction.

not much new for a week or so with the STP coming up this weekend.

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turning down whistler trips kills me...

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MLS 2011

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2011 will be a difficult year. in 2012 the mayan calendar expires and, theoretically, so does the world. if you're the sort that invests any more than a passing thought in this notion, 2011 could perhaps be rather nerve wracking. you could spend the year taking adventures you never had the chance to. you could spend the year looting. you could spend the year learning a skill. you could spend the year a nervous wreck, locked inside your room with only a full bedpan as company.

or you could spend the year following the cutthroat new MLS rivalry here in Cascadia. in 2011 both vancouver and portland get their football clubs and join seattle's sounders in major league play. with major teams stretching from british columbia to southern california, the west coast will be brimming with talent and passionate competition.

this is my biggest problem with 2011. because i'm not invested in the apocalypse of 2012 i am burdened with having to support the sounders fc while the portland timbers, essentially my home team, go MLS. first and foremost i am a sounders fan but i am also very attached to portland. the most difficult part of this situation, however, is that only now am i picking sides in a rivalry that extends back to the mid-1970s when NASL was the only semi-major league in the US. the timbers and sounders have been swinging at one another for years and now it is all coming to a head.

however i watched the sounders go major, bought a scarf and will never look back. season tickets next summer.

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