new movies

in the last week angela and i have seen two movies, each the polar opposite of the other.

first came...
away we go
rarely has an on-screen couple seemed more true to me. maya was lovely and it was nice to see john turn in a performance other than his beloved jim of Office fame. alexi murdoch produced a fabulous score, both cuddly and straining.

...and last night...
what a difference this viewing experience was. basically the Sam Rockwell Show, Moon was at once claustrophobic and agoraphobic. kevin spacey, as gerty the suspicious shipboard computer, provides nearly the only comedic relief in an otherwise tense and quiet exploration of metaself. mindfuck. solid and spooky original tracks from clint mansell, same composer of solid and spooky original tracks for The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream and π.

i recommend both.



Jill said...

I really liked Away We Go as well... but I do think there is such a thing as an Alexi Murdoch overdose.

erriott said...

yeah, i could definitely see how that might happen. personally i thought his voice fit the mood very well, reminded me of the longing that nick drake captured so well.