MLS 2011

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2011 will be a difficult year. in 2012 the mayan calendar expires and, theoretically, so does the world. if you're the sort that invests any more than a passing thought in this notion, 2011 could perhaps be rather nerve wracking. you could spend the year taking adventures you never had the chance to. you could spend the year looting. you could spend the year learning a skill. you could spend the year a nervous wreck, locked inside your room with only a full bedpan as company.

or you could spend the year following the cutthroat new MLS rivalry here in Cascadia. in 2011 both vancouver and portland get their football clubs and join seattle's sounders in major league play. with major teams stretching from british columbia to southern california, the west coast will be brimming with talent and passionate competition.

this is my biggest problem with 2011. because i'm not invested in the apocalypse of 2012 i am burdened with having to support the sounders fc while the portland timbers, essentially my home team, go MLS. first and foremost i am a sounders fan but i am also very attached to portland. the most difficult part of this situation, however, is that only now am i picking sides in a rivalry that extends back to the mid-1970s when NASL was the only semi-major league in the US. the timbers and sounders have been swinging at one another for years and now it is all coming to a head.

however i watched the sounders go major, bought a scarf and will never look back. season tickets next summer.


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