when did YOU start smiling for pictures?

me: did most people in the 50s look that stern?
all the boys look like they're about to grease your ass
Tim: here's my question: at what point did people start smiling for portraits? I mean, in the history of photography?
what prompted people to start smiling?
look at a portrait from early 20th century... no smiling there...
me: i'd say when pictures like this started getting developed...http://bikehugger.com/images/blog/sv_victorian2.jpg
Tim: wow
say is that a belgian gazelle?
the bike, i mean
me: HAR!
Tim is typing…


Jill said...

Ha, I love this. I think it all had to do with the increase in shutter speeds... or something.

low.mid.high said...

I don't think the right question is when did they stop, but rather when they started. Before photography, there were portraits, which would be painful to smile for. Only until a photo could be "snapped' could one actually smile for a photo.