strangely enough.

everybody is writing their end-of-the-year and end-of-the-decade thoughts down. some are eloquent, some are heavy handed (i'm looking at you, james cameron). some are honest and some are embellished. the 2000s were a big decade for some of us. i, for example, graduated from both high school and university. it is now, still in the 2000s that i begin planning for the next stage of my life: south korea with a lady i love.

but what nobody seems to want to write about is the loss. everybody i know has lost someone recently: my own grandmothers passed early in the decade. friend's family members have passed and, most recently, a man who was very important to how i am today.

i strongly believe that, no matter how indignant of a student you are, at some point during middle and high school an influencing factor directed you towards who you are today. i was lucky enough to have two such teachers. two weeks ago, my friends and i who were lucky enough to share our extremely formative years with a genuinely funny guy, lost Jeff Agar. without him i would not share the sense of humour i have with others. and though music is something i mostly appreciate rather than participate in anymore, he kept me involved long enough to experience san francisco, victoria, and numerous competitions.

the 2000s have been topsy-turvy. i'm very proud to have grown up during them.

one year ago today:
aarhus, denmark

cheers to the 00s and in with the 10s.


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