already planning

this is great. february is looking to be a wonderful little month. here are some reasons:

1) finally get to see home and my favourite lady is picking me up from the airport on the 3rd! hopefully we will get to meet up with spencer in seattle.
2) i get to move into a cool ass apartment with a cool ass roommate and catch up with very missed friends in bellingham.
3) ang and i are heading to trout lake for a nice quiet valentine's day weekend. we will probably be in portland for at least one whole day. enter: jill. we'd love to meet up for cupcakes here if you want!(?)
4) ben, spencer and i are taking four days to go skiing in montana with byron. badly needed time with the boyz.
5) won't be going to school for winter quarter!
6) i'll be working and paying off credit cards and living and enjoying everything i can. i see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

february is, and i'm not even speaking in hyperbole here, going to be the best month in the universe.



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sprout said...

i talked to spence, we are good to go for the 3rd. we are going to meet him at his place after we leave the airport.