because i have actually spent a lot of time recently watching music videos on chuffing youtube, i'm interested in what others are listening to. and this seems to be something about which everybody has something to say.

embed your favourite pop (or not pop) song video in a comment.



Jill said...

i couldn't embed, but i'm pretty into this song right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW2lY0mGz0c

clearly the video is lacking.

Benjamin said...

holy shit, previous commenter kicks the ass of anything I could come up with.

low.mid.high said...

So, two videos here. First one is by Brodie Dalle's (of the the Distillers) new band. Strange song, stranger video, but strangely good.


And then something that you might hear at a club..

pokerface Gaga/Dave Aude Remix


Jill said...

eep! i'm an ass kicker!

low.mid.high said...

by the way, what is chuffing?

erriott said...

like "fucking" except you could use "chuffing" in front of, say, your grandmother.

joel said...


Sally Shapiro, Swedish Italo-Disco throwback. Awesome.

low.mid.high said...

Hmmm.. Intriguing.