to honour a resolution (or make a new one)

2009 is, for a single good reason, the International Year of Astronomy. it has been 400 years since galileo became weary of looking at the bird feeder in his backyard and decided to have a poke about the heavens. he turned the brass, lathed the wood and polished the mirrors on his telescope. galileo mapped the moon, found saturn's rings and opened up one of the most curious endeavours in all of humanity.

this year take some time, even if it's just one evening, to have a look up. turn off the lights and learn a new constellation, find your favourite star or memorize the order of the planets if you didn't bother in 3rd grade. just look (and marvel) at everything that surrounds us.

fox coat, christmas tree, et. al
fox coat, the unicorn & the christmas tree. can you find them all?



A. said...

i like this resolution a lot.

Jill said...

i can never see what you're supposed to see in the stars. like, i seriously just figured out what this whole "man in the moon" business is about.