big sky, (un)employment and cupcakes

tomorrow night i'll head down to seattle. spencer and i will fill ourselves and souls with dank sushi and warm sake before catching a noon flight on the 19th to big sky, montana. here we will meet up with estranged professional long-distance best friend ben. good enough to let us crowd the floor of his apartment, byron will supply the means for not sleeping in the snow. five days. skis, friends, snow. i really need to get my planks waxed, though, as it has been at least two years.

angela and i are kicking around the idea of a move to seattle/portland/hood river. i'm comforted because even if things go completely pear shaped we will still manage to stay in the pacific northwest, not far from the I-5 and I-84 corridors. it remains worrying, however. these are some sort of scary times but it certainly helps to have somebody to go through them with. everyday i think about how glad i am to be home: despite the current climate i have somebody to get through them with. there have been some pretty startling work-related developments over the past five days and ang and i just spent a weekend back home in (surprisingly) snowy trout lake discussing how to handle it all.

the only solution we were able to reasonably conclude on was "meet up with jill and her friend molly for cupcakes at cupcake jones in portland". here are two pictures of the cutest solution in the world:

cupcake, out of control

molly, jill, ang and cupcakes of varying species

the sun was even out! evidenced by my shadow:




low.mid.high said...

Your moving? Now? I thought you just moved.

erriott said...

not yet. sometime in the next year = possible move out of bellingham. maybe sooner when my current lease is over. joel and i have an awesome apartment, though, so it will be difficult to part with.

Benjamin said...

oh goddamn i am wound up like a bow waiting for this thing. when was the last time we all three spent more than a day in the same place?

low.mid.high said...

huh, when do you graduate anyway?

Jill said...

cupcakes make everything better. let's send some to detroit and wall street.

ashley said...

that cupcake is fucking beautiful.

have fun in montana!

erriott said...

it was called, fittingly, the pearl.

thanks, see you in a week!