fallout 3

i don't game often. i really don't. just when i've had a really stressful day or if beto or kristan are around the apartment and fancy a match on Fifa '08. but when i game. i game. hard.

today i picked up a copy of fallout 3. once again, fallout 3.

i'm 20 minutes in and 10 years old and i can't wait to let you know how this fascinating game ends.

[edit] i want a ps3 of my own.



A. said...

nerd alert!

timeandchange said...

My bf and I have a ps3 and played that together. it's pretty good! and i don't even like video games!

timeandchange said...

by the way - this is melissa!

low.mid.high said...

pretty sure there are like...8 endings to that game.. sorry to ruin your next few weeks