interrupted lives

not only have i been maintaining homespunyarns to convey my life in england and abroad but i also intend on pointing out interesting bits of news that occur. being so close to some of the educational points of organizations like Western Men Against Violence this news seemed particularly important.

clubgoers in Hull drugged.

the sugar mill is a very popular night club in the hull city center - most of the returning students have suggested it to myself and other international students or freshers as a hell of a place to go with mates. hmm.

for the sake of cross-referencing:


the local police here in Hull have been handing these interesting little pieces of
self-protection out during all of International Students week and during all of Freshers Week. i'd love to see these getting handed out, or at least available at the WOC throughout the year, at Western Washington University.


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Jo said...

It's interesting that the use of GHB gets reported so widely when it's a guy who is drugged...

how many women are drugged on a regular basis? how often is that reported?

I'm not insensitive to what happened to this guy, or unconcerned, I just think it should be pointed out when things that happen to women on a regular basis are considered noteworthy when it happens to men.

Also, those drink stoppers are interesting. I've never seen them before.