a quick word on procrastination

i heard someone somewhere once ask what a blogger was. the response was that a blogger was someone with a grudge and their virginity - one out of two ain't bad.

the propensity to put it off until later seems to me to be one of the few great equalizers still left on this planet. with constitutional rights for everybody in question, taxes apparently not meaning anything more than a fetid dingo's kidney to some of the richer portions of the population and serious attempts at living forever, it would seem that nearly everybody is susceptible to waiting for a better or "more appropriate" time to do things. this doesn't extend to the collegiate putting off of studying for the mid-term until the night before (something i've extensive experience in) but, as i have seen, extends itself deep into social connections. from not telling a friend what you need to tell them in order to maintain a trustful and open relationship to an inside rep at a bike company to send you a bicycle before you go to whistler on the 26th.

ah, the real point finally emerges.

i never wanted to be the finicky customer - that asshat who sits on their phone in the line while complaining that their drink doesn't have enough foam in it. it's those people who make the rest of the world hate us. but when you're offering upwards of $3000 for a fucking bicycle it would seem you could get a little respect from a company - especially when you work a bike shop that sells their bikes in pretty high quantities. this when i put the order in almost precisely a month ago. rad.

so, back to the deleterious effect of procrastination: my bike is not here and i leave for whistler this sunday. fingers are crossed for a miracle.

but then, i also heard someone somewhere say that some people are coo coo for cocoa puffs for bicycles and are nutty when they don't get what they want.


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